Small meltdown/Brief moment of panic

September 03, 2009

I walked outside my building this morning and who do I see? A surveyor. A surveyor? So what? Well he wasn't just any surveyor, he is a surveyor I hooked up with 3 years ago*.

To make a long story short, freshman year in Baltimore I went to some party in a warehouse. I honestly can't remember where the party was, but I'm sure it was the Annex or something. I meet this quiet, kind of strange guy wearing (what I remember to be) really ugly shoes. But he looked really German and I was wayy into the Nazi-shaved head-blue eyes thing. It might've been my recent viewing of The Believer (Ryan Gosling playing a Jewish Nazi), either way, I talked to him all night. He told me he was a surveyor and that's all I remember of him. We exchange numbers and I have him over to hang out with me and the roomies. It was only a one week fling.

He was "the guy that wouldn't leave in the morning" and the person you put under "DO NOT ANSWER" in your phone. Young, naive, stupid, bored. Whatever, it was what it was but it was strange seeing him right outside my door. Cowardly, I walked by him behind my sunglasses and my blazing red lips in hopes that he would not recognize me.

*And just to make things perfectly clear, he looks nothing like the image above, nor is he of "construction worker age". He's young, relatively good-looking, with terribly creepy blue eyes.