"You're so hungrys, you look like you could use yourself some breadcrumbs and macaroni and cheese."

September 12, 2009

mattcassettetape: (1 month ago)
I wish parties were still this fun

These were seriously good times. It's amazing how much things change in two years. I really loved that apartment and I loved having too many people over. And it was nice because it wasn't a typical "MICA party" where random people we didn't know would come. Now that I think of it, not even half the people there went to MICA. These are homies and homies' homies. People from out-of-town. People from in-town. People from down the alley and up the street. Old apartment. Old times. Old friends.

This is what happens when you don't drink anymore, have a camera with video options, and people in your house wilin'.