Sunday Sunday Sunday

September 13, 2009

Do you ever try on an outrageous shirt just to see what it would look like on you.. and end up loving it? YES.

I spent a god six hours in the studio today and it felt wonderful (though the first hour was spent staring at a wall). I got a ton of work done and at the same time, not enough. But I'm all set up and have a good flow going. Good things.

I'm supposed to be doing a few readings but the VMA's is all-consuming. I could care less about who wins what, but Beyonce's performance was SO good. Seriously soo freaking good. Janet's Michael tribute was pretty awesome too. Chills the whole time. Gaga.. I don't get her. Maybe I get her, I just don't like her. I totally appreciate artists growing from The Day and not ODing right off the bat. Eh who cares.

I just found this red so this is me right now. My brain is rotting with all of this popular culture television.

I miss this guy. He's in Chitown shredding the bmx and eating delicious food and playing with the cutest dogs.

Have a good week everyone!