Christmas Dinner with the family

December 28, 2009

My mom made her prime rib and I made all the sides.

Brussel sprouts roasted with bacon
Potatoes made a secret way..
Roasted Tomatoes
Carrots glazed with cognac and brown sugar, HI.
Oo and a holiday salad of spinach, cranberries, candied walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette.
For dessert was a croissant bread pudding that I only make once a year and has slowly become a Christmas tradition.
OH and both nights I made a really yummy gravy with red wine and blue cheese.

Kind of a funny story:
We were exchanging gifts after dinner (Christmas Eve) but my dad, my mom, my brother and I usually exchange gifts Sunday morning, but we just decided to do it with the rest of the extended family that night. My brother hadn't wrapped my present yet so he disappears for 2 minutes and comes down with this.

Which was my wrapping paper to him. Notice the "To" and "From" scratched out and switched around. It was soo cute. Economical gift giving is what I call it.