My mother and her iPhone

December 24, 2009

My mom just got an iPhone last week and texts me in Korean now. Not only does she text me in Korean, but she texts in Korean like a 16 year old school girl from the land of Korea. This morning, my brother and I showed her the shotgun app and she LOVES it. She kept shooting my dad and telling him to die. She also loves the zippo app because she loves zippo's.

The night I got home, my brother and I walked through the door and she does not even say Hi to me. She runs to my brother and says, "I made a ringtone!" She spent two hours watching YouTube videos trying to find a way to make ringtones. She also mentions how much she loves YouTube. She has found a best friend on YouTube that solves any iPhone n00bs problems. NOW, she has an "iPhone box" where she keeps all the iPhone accessories. The iPhone box is a Hello Kitty lunch box. Right now, at this moment, my mom is playing with her Hello Kitty "iPhone box", has Hello Kitty pajama pants on, and a Kelly Kitty blanket on her. Do you want to know the amount of Hello Kitty my mom has?

I love my mother way too much. I realized I loved her THIS much last night when I was using her camera. I was looking through her photos and she has cute pictures of herself that her best friend took at the mall, but she also has pictures of our dogs just sitting and looking in the camera. She also has photos of the Canadian geese that come to the lake in our backyard and photos of trees and their fallen leaves.

I can't explain how I felt about her right then. She takes pleasure in the smallest of things. Sometimes I feel terrible about the heartache I have caused in the last year or two or however long it has been. I mean, I always feel terrible. I'm glad it's out and we've moved forward, but I know she thinks about it all the time, as do I. I don't regret the past, I just wish it didn't include a broken heart.