Sundays at home mean

December 28, 2009

The 3 F's.


It's weird how different my life in Baltimore is. The Dude hates football, and my busy schedule (pronounced sheh-jwel) doesn't allow for sitting at home all day on Sundays watching football. I tried to do it my second year there, but I was way too busy with life and school. But here, I'm just chillin. I'm rootin' for my dad with whoever he's going with and cheering FOR my dad is always weird because we're not going for any particular team.. we're going for numbers. Anyways, that is besides the point.

YesterSunday included brunch with my family, some lounging on the couch, a mini-nap (and I swear it was a very small nap, an hour, not three.. like it usualy is..), Sunday night game with Daddy and running around dancing going, "YES!" to the Cowboys murdering the Skins. Then some homemade Korean cooking by my Momma and a late movie with Natalie.

Life is good, ya know?