A trend I'm not into

December 16, 2009

is studded shoes. I know Prada and Louis have been killing it with those shoes but I'm just not into it. Maybe it's the Rock-n-Roll thing that I can't get into.. the TOUGH thing. I love the Christian Laboutin red/gold pumps but it's because it's red & gold and not TOUGH. I've just never been into studded things. I'm not even into the Balenciaga bags with the studs. Doesn't read as "class". It's just.. TOUGH and not how I would want to come across.

Now that I think about it, maybe it's because people think I'm tough or as Andrew put it, "hardcore", but I'm not at all. People think I'm a bitch or carry this type of personality because I work at Gentei or used to work at The Tattoo Shop but I ain't like that. Yeah yeah whatever. I don't even care about whatchu be thinkin.