I can't stand Steve Madden

December 19, 2009

I don't even step foot in a Steve Madden store or pick up Steve Madden shoes at Nordie's because it's gross. Not only do they blatantly rip off designer shoes, but IT'S SO FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE. Call me a princess because my feet physically cannot handle cheap shoes, but after the one pair I got for Prom, there is no way I'd put a foot in one of those.

I wouldn't even buy those shoes, it's just such a bummer. Like when a bunch of Marc Jacob's quilted Stam bags were floating around by Everyone, even though I would never wear a Stam bag. Or when H&M Blatantly ripped off that one dress from Chloe's Spring 07. Gr I wish I still had the photo in my phone. It's smart for H&M to partner with designers in putting out collections but everyone's still doing and will continue to do it.

I'm ranting, I just dislike copy cats.

BUT, Balenciaga did finally sue Steve Madden for the lego shoe. So yay. But it's probably not for enough money..