Umm.. hello?

December 12, 2009

So.. I heard this on the radio a few months ago and AUTOMATICALLY assumed that it was a Ben Gibbard project but after Shazaming it and reading the band bio, it is NOT.

I wiki'ed it right now because I was telling the Dude about it and it says:

Influences and contemporaries:
[Adam] Young lists Imogen Heap, Relient K, Boards of Canada and Armin van Buuren as influences.
Owl City has been compared to The Postal Service, with a number of publications going as far as accusing Owl City of "ripping off" the Postal Service. Adam Young, while admitting to being a fan of the Postal Service and acknowledging some influence, has dismissed the comparisons.

Adam Young is some dude from Minessota that sounds COMPLETELY like Ben Gibbard! Come on people! Maybe Death Cab and the Postal Service aren't huge bands or something? I don't know, but to put out music like that and completely dismiss that you are blatantly ripping off someone that has been around for over a decade.

It just blows my mind.