Dave Letterman

January 01, 2010

The first jacket is my dad's when he played football and baseball at Venice High. He was the shit in high school, not because he was a varsity athlete for 3 years (back then, high school was freshman, junior, and senior year only), but because he was this Azn kid that played soccer that was brought on the team to kick and ended up breaking records left and right.

The second is my jacket. Don't you want to know why I have a jacket? Hm? Mine's cooler than my dad's because A. I have more patches and 2. Mine has my last name on my back.

Apparently, people (and by people I mean guys interested in "street wear") are stoked on letterman jackets. I think it's weird to wear mine since I'm not in high school anymore, but I would be so down to get a new one because they are extremely comfortable and very warm.

Or maybe I'll puss out because they're $200+ to get together and stick with mine..