I'm hardly surfing the web these days

January 25, 2010

And I blame time, school, and an honest lack of enthusiasm for the internet. I just do this, read some new and log off. I should be keeping an eye on my friends and what they're doing, so here I am reminding you to please check out the people on the right side of this page.

Beau has got Prada's S/S '10 lookbook plus some photos of Kate MccGwire's work.

Oliver just got his hands on some serious stickers and patches that should be up for grabs at Shop Gentei soon. Also, big news for Cut-Rate coming soon.

Jake has got some sweet Thomas Hooper do-it-yourself iPhone cases going on, which I had no idea about. Thomas Hooper has been killing it as of late.

Grace has some new illustrations up that make me want to cuddle in bed with a puppy I don't have.

Anddd Pete is spending most of his alone time on Chat Roulette and uploading photos of foliage, whilst listening to Taylor Swift.

- - - - -

All of the friends listed above are blogspot blogs. All the cool shit goes down on blogspot, maybe because it's OG. Tumblr creeps me out with the re-postings and how easy it is. It feels impersonal. Maybe it's the young kids with tumblr that are into things like cute pictures of couples amongst autumn leaves or tattoos or cute things from Urban Outfitters or cute outfits. All things "cute". Except Kiki, of course. It seems that Tumblr people are forever connected through this giant web of frilly web layouts and circulated photos that ultimately mean nothing.

Although, everything I post essentially means nothing.