Home sweet home

January 12, 2010

I've been home for three weeks now. For those of you who are just tuning in, home is California.

I have already accumilated two dresses, three pairs of shoes, three pairs of jeans, countless tops, and tomorrow I go jewelery shopping with Momma. No bags, but I am okay with that.

This week is about me. The last three weeks have been about entertaining family and friends but I am doing the doctor's visits, getting the hair managed, and watching movies. Maybe there will be some delicious food involved. Maybe.

The running joke in my family is about me mid-act and fainting. What?

So I have been fainting a lot. What is fainting? Passing out. Blacking out. Falling and not knowing one has fallen.. that kind of thing. A really bad episode happened a couple weeks ago because I fell like a tree and hit the back of my head. Maybe it's because I haven't been eating ENOUGH, or maybe I'm tired, or maybe it's an accumilation of a lot of things. It hasn't happened since then (probably because I am terrified of another mishap and have been stuffing my face).

It started last summer. I was putting dishes away and the next thing I know I'm trying to keep myself up and I see a broken dish in the sink. I'm pretty in-tune with my body so I have been able to understand when it happens. It happened during spinning one morning and I stopped it before it actually happened. When it happened a few weeks ago, I knew it was going down.

I was getting ready one morning and my dad runs up the stairs to tell me the dogs got out. Without thinking twice, I throw on a hoodie and start running down the street. He zooms by in his car and my brother picks me up in his. I got out to run down a path that cars can't get to. I kept running. My brother and I planned on a rendezvous in 10 minutes and I arrived early. My uncle drove by as I came out onto the street from the path. He stopped and asked me what the heck I was doing. "The dogs got out." I was in the middle of the street and I knew it was coming. I kept saying, "Uncle Justin, I'm going to faint. I'm going to faint," and thought I could make it to the back seat of his car but the next thing I know, my head is throbbing, he's holding the back of my head and yelling, "Where are your parents? Where are your parents? Get up let me take you home." When I came to, I told him it was okay, that this happens. He was so worried. Scared.

As I climb into the back of the car my dad was driving out of our neighborhood to look for me and Mikey. My uncle frantically tells him to turn around, not saying exactly what the hell was going on. I get out of the car to get in the house and start crying. I don't know why. I just did.

I felt so bad for my uncle. His legs were shaking and he was so worried about me. My mom knew that I had been having these problems but this one was the worst. My head was throbbing. I don't know how it didn't crack open.

My uncle then tells me that in the morning he went to church. He usually comes home right after but he had to run a few errands. He got gas, went to a pastry shop to get something but it wasn't available, so he had to wait 15 minutes. Then on his way home, he forgot something and had to go back. That's when we met in the street.

What if he wasn't there? An obvious question.. but the point is, he was there. Call is kismet, call is God, call is whatever you want. But it's pretty crazy. I don't believe in coincidence or happenstance. So what was this?

ANYWAYS. Now, the joke between my brother and Paul and The Dude and my dad is imitating me mid-act, let's say bowling, and fainting as I am doing said-act. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but it's really funny. That's my family though, making a joke about a serious situation. Making it easier to deal with. Making it less scary.