Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

January 25, 2010

Rain to start the first Monday of my last school year.

I remember growing up, listening to The Carpenters, thinking that Karen Carpenter was probably the most beautiful woman in the world. But she's not very pretty.. but that voice. That voice.

Also, for any Carpenter's fans or anyone that wants to know what the heck a Karen Carpenter is, this is an amazing docu/short film about The Carpenters and Karen Carpenter's decent into her death from anorexia. Not only is it an insight into the life of, but it's cryptically portrayed with Barbie and Ken dolls and miniature everything. Made in 1987, a very good year.

Maybe I'm the only one that still listens to The Carpenters on the regular, especially in the winter. How much I wish to bring back this sort of 70's melancholic pop music.