H for Heidi

January 21, 2010

She's so crazy.

It's weird that she's only 23 and this surgery makes her look 50. You know, those 50 year old women that get TONS of plastic surgery done to look younger. So, you essentially "look younger" but she looks like a 50 year old lady trying to "look younger". She looks like the Cat Lady. On top of her 10+ surgeries in one sitting, she puts God in the mix. In short, "God made me, God made my doctor, God blessed me with this career (aka all this money) to have this procedure done by the God-made doctor." No wonder people think Christian's are crazy.

I guess we can talk about "What is beauty?" for days, but really. How do people think that blonde hair, huge boobies, a "bomb shell" figure and big lips is The Ultimate form of beauty? Miranda Kerr below, for example. Yes, Victoria Secret models are on another level of beauty and I'm sure they've gotten some surgery done, but her features entail none of the aforementioned list. Or let's look at Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. Never touched by the knife, still beautiful. GORGEOUS. It's irritating.