This photo means so many things to me

January 03, 2010

Natalie has been my bff since 6th grade. We've had are ups and downs (and downs just means there were points where we were hanging out with completely different people), but at this point, we are lifers.

Nick is also a bff who I used to spend every single day with. Nick and I also, ups and downs, but we're chillin. Lunchtime junior year was Spin, Nick and his guitar, and me. Then, of course, they both got girlfriends and I was left in the dust (story of my life), but we're both still here.

The photo above is a dream come true. Nick seemed to have the type of grudge a boy has toward the prettiest girl in school because everyone, including you, thought she was pretty. And Natalie didn't give Nick the time of day because she was Natalie Jung. Although they shared ME, it was never possible.. until a couple weeks ago.

I love my friends.