November 30, 2010

May 2007, a bunch of us just spur-of-the-moment decided to go camping. Hannah, Kyle, Jeff, Pete, and me. We packed into Pete's car and drove to Prettyboy in the middle of the night. We set up blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows (no tents.. no food..) and slept under the stars. I'm not really sure what happened that night (not because I was wasted, though this whole adventure was probably thought up by alcohol, but because I have the worst memory in the history of memories). The only thing I remember is waking up in the early morning to, what sounded like, a rabbit thumping (like Thumper!). It turns out it was just an early morning jogger. I remember thinking how weird he must've thought it was to see 5 kids passed out in the middle of a trail.