Pure Beauty

November 05, 2010

John Baldessari's exhibition, Pure Beauty, opened at The Met a few weeks ago. I saw the show when it was at The Los Angeles Museum of Art in the summer, and I'm interested to know how a huge show like that is installed in another location. I don't think I've ever been in two places where I could experience something like that. Soo I'll be in New York this weekend to see the show again (which was amazing in Los Angeles). It'll be up until January so I strongly suggest everyone and anyone to see the show.

In my own work, I've been really influenced by Baldessari. And with the show, I think it's important to read the text and understand, conceptually, the language of Baldessari and his work because his work is about language, whether it is through text, photos.. etc. It's strange being so inspired by someone who is still alive and vocal, which makes me feel like, for the first time, I am present in a legendary time. Which gives me chills, ya know? Is that being too romantic?

He's from California and makes work about California (among so many other things), which is important to me in my journey out here. It's inspiring and in looking at his work makes me feel like I'm "home". And maybe seeing his work in New York will give me a different feeling, in that we both are displaced and away from home. But what is home. And I don't think that one has to be "educated" and "informed" about "art" to appreciate Baldessari's work.

Have a great weekend and watch this 15 minute video.