New York, New York

November 01, 2010

Met Beau at Conde, where I waited for half an hour for his busy butt. Got dressed and ready for yoga at DB but Beau mis-read the time so we were 20 minutes late to the class. Instead, we went to our usual spot for dinner and stuffed our faces.

Friday night was a myriad of things. And I'm far too tired to explain them all, so I opt for the list format.
-dessert at Mario Battali's Eataly
-roam Flatiron and got a gigantic black mohawk wig for Beau
-Ace Hotel for drinks and photobooth
-Le Bain at The Standard Hotel for dancing and more drinks
-five inch heels for six hours
-being out 'til 3am is un pasatiempo that I can't seem to handle anymore

Saturday we went to Soul-Cycle in the morning and went for dim sum in Chinatown. Let me tell you, dim sum is something vegetarian's are missing out on. And I guess people all over the country are missing out on. I assume that if one does not live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York, experiencing really great dimsum is not a possibility, but oh man. I am well aware that the meat is not the highest grade, nor is the preparation anything fancy or A+, but just the whole experience and how yummy that kind of Chinese food is.. aye. One of the few eats I crave. Thank G I frequent New York or I would die without it.

Hung out with Jake the rest of the afternoon/evening and met The Dude to take a late bus back to Baltimore. No party Saturday night since we got back so late. No partying this weekend because I have a 10-page paper to write. Womp womp.