Crazy things

November 12, 2010

I've been having too many dreams.. meaning a couple a night and I seem to be remembering them all. I like dreaming but sometimes it's frustrating because I get caught up in the dream and I dismiss my alarm, waking up at 11am. That's my whole morning gone! A couple nights ago I had a terrible dream about an old lady rapist. She kept trying to pinch me. That dream had me up at 3am and I couldn't fall back asleep for fear of the Old Lady Rapist. Last night I had a dream about too many tattooers--Seth, Deno, Billy, Matt.. etc. Chase was in the dream, too, and I was so excited to see him. He had a boyish haircut like he had 3 years ago..

Yesterday whilst driving and running errands, I was pondering what to play an Ye Old iPod. I wanted to play Deja Entendu but thought it might be too somber for an extremely beautiful autumnal afternoon. I choose to shuffle my entire iPod and the first song to come on? GUERNICA! The universe is on my side.

Have a great weekend!