Book idea

November 22, 2010

On the train ride back from New Haven, I got to talking to some rando guy. He moved to talk to me and I instantly tried to think of a way to bring The Dude into the conversation, not because I felt guilty about flirting, I just didn't want him to think I was into him and ask for my number.

How many times has that happened? You're in a friendly conversation with a guy because you're a nice person and like talking to strangers. Then when you're about to part ways, the haunting, "Do you want to have lunch sometime? Can I have your number?"

I think there should be some kind of manual or book that suggests how to bring up your boyfriend (whether you have one or not) given any situation or conversation. Sometimes, I feel that I'm too concerned with that frightful question, but it has happened too many times so I'm always cautious. And it's awkward! I don't mind an awkward situation, I just feel bad for the poor guy. For all I know, this guy was just friendly and talkative, but sometimes I'd rather be safe than sorry, especially when we have 2 1/2 more hours on the train together.

I guess I could lie and make the conversation go,
"Yeah, I'm going down to DC to consult with some lawyers about finances."
"Oh yeah? My boyfriend is a lawyer.."

But I'm not a very good liar. Maybe I should not talk to boys because I can come off really strong and flirtatious. Can I help it if I like to smile and am interested in random conversation?