Good shopping, bad Chinese

November 29, 2010

My weekend was spent at the mall on Black Friday--not as bad of an experience as I thought it'd be. I got lucky and found parking right away, right in front of the Nordstroms entrance. I didn't intend to go for the Black Friday sale and sadly, didn't come out with any smashing purchases, but I did get a slew of things that have been on my to-buy list for a while. All the shopping made me incredibly tired so The Dude and I decided to order Chinese. I know how bad the Chinese food is around here but when I want it, I want it. For four years I've known but time and time again, I order from Paul Chen. Aside from the bad Chinese food, my Friday night was spent watching DVD's, reading the new Vogue, and eating (literally) bad Chinese (as opposed to good bad Chinese).

The Dude and I went to Hamilton Tavern Saturday night with a couple friends for burgers, but I ended up getting the braised pork. Cider braised with caramelized cabbage & onions, potato pancake and a pear chutney. The pork was a teensy bit dry, but the accompaniments were soo yummy.

A lot of the weekend was lounging around and doing some reading. Nothing too serious. Laundry. Baking. Coffee. Yoga. The usual.