My hero

October 22, 2010

Watch it 'til the end.

RJ and I were talking about "house" music and how that kind of music is fun on drugs/under the influence and with a lot of people. Mikey and his friends basically have orgy's listening to this stuff. It's just really strange how everyone in California (because I really don't see it this OD anywhere else) is completely into "house"--Deadmau5, Swedish, Justice, Daft Punk.. etc. But it's weird living in Baltimore and understanding what "house music" is from Oliver. I guess it's the way 80's hardcore differs from hardcore in this last decade? I mean, who doesn't love Justice and Daft Punk, but it's just crazy how this resurgence has happened in the last year.

AND how fucking HUGE Phoenix is now. After 5 albums and 8 years. How would you feel if you were at Madison Square Garden to see Phoenix and Daft Punk came out? Poop in your pants.