Cat Whisperer part 2

October 14, 2010

Last week I posted about taking Mittens in and tending to a stray black cat. Too much cat business for me. Then, this week, another kitten emerged, even younger than the black cat. My heart melted when I saw it. Instantly, I wanted him/her to be mine.

I fed it and tried to touch it but it wouldn't let me get close to it without food. So the first night, I split up a can of wet food for the baby and the black cat. The Russian guy that lives next door has also been giving them food and putting worm medicine in it. He puts it at the top of my other door entry thing so the cats have a safe place behind a small wall to eat. I've been leaving a little bowl of water out too because I noticed the baby had been drinking drain water/the water that builds up in the street. Yuck.

My neighbor to the left gave me a homemade cat toy with feathers at the end in hopes that it would help lure the baby in. It LOVES it. To make a long story short, I have been playing with them (mostly the baby) for a couple hours (yes, two+ hours a night) in front of my apartment. A few nights ago, the baby let me touch it. I rubbed him and rubbed him and then when he realized it was my hand, he'd do a double take and run away. That night was so successful. After a couple nights of playing with it, I was finally getting through to it. I was touching it soo many times until he realized it was my hand.

Two nights ago, The Russian told me someone with a box was trying to catch the black cat. Since we've been out there for the last week, we've noticed that a lot of people have taken notice of the cats. Some people have expressed their desire to take each one in, but no one can get to 'em. I'm sure the whole box incident traumatized them so they weren't out front, waiting for the food from The Russian. The Dude and I went around the corner and found them under a car, so I got the feather toy and lured them to the front of my place. They were fed, played with.. but the baby wouldn't let me touch it. After days of progress, it all went to shit. Thanks Box Guy. You ruined everything.

I shouldn't have named the kitty.