We found you

October 25, 2010

Some dude wrote over Gaia's cock on the shop garage door. Little does that dude know that not only was he caught on camera, but the graff world is extra teeny tiny in this neighborhood. Especially when you're a young white kid, because more than likely you go to the art school. Oliver texted Gaia the flicture of the kid and he was identified instantly. He was spotted at the soup spot on my block so O pushed his skateboard there, went inside, sat next to the kid (who was with his girlfriend) and basically made the kid poop in his pantalones. He was the accomplice of the kid who wrote on the door and after much you-have-no-clue-whose-door-you-decided-to-write-on business, Oliver and the kid went separate ways, the kid told that perpetrator that Oliver was looking for him and an hour later, the door was nicely painted over by the boy in the above picture.

Not even twelve hours after the incident you're punked into painting over your wrong-doings like a little weenie-head.