July 26, 2011

There are some messed up things happening in this world. Massacre's in Norway by crazy, right-wing, Christian Reformist "Templars" and large conglomerates purposely trying to wipe out an entire species of fish in order to be the only people with said fish to put a heavy price tag on.. etc.

Bluefin Tuna farming is an unmerciful business. It's the best, fattiest, most delicious piece of raw fish you will ever eat. But one day, you won't be able to eat it because they're already almost all gone. I love sashimi. But I can't back commercial farming anymore and the destruction of the ocean. Culturally, eating is huge. For me, it's bigger than what it is to you because I'm Korean and I feel like we eat differently. It's really amazing and wonderful. I mean, in every culture so many beautiful things happen around food. So my issue is that I don't know how to tackle my respect for my culture and my respect for our environment. There's a middle, I know it. I just need to find it.

The emptiness of the ocean is astounding. I think the "statistics" are something like: We've eaten 90% of the fish in the sea. I can go into detail about how this action effects that and causes this to do that.. but it's pretty simple. I've told someone this and they say, "Well, aren't there farms?" Yeah, and this LA Times article discusses the BFT farming, but farming doesn't fix anything, really. It just gives us more tuna to eat. It's almost the exact same thing as cow farms or chicken warehouses. They are overfed for three times the meat.

The article explains how it's a lose-lose situation, and my immediate solution ("solution") would be to keep farming and stop all commercial fishing of BFT. Raise these fish, see to it that they're safe in the wild, and don't fish for them. But that's impossible. I think that you can go to Whole Foods or whatever and by "sustainable" fish, but it's not sustaining anything. It's sustaining the meat available to US, but it isn't really sustaining the ocean, if they're grown only to be consumed. It's like going to a fundraiser to support women who've been raped and going out and raping a girl right after.

Or something.