Have a great weekend

July 29, 2011

Hot. It was 100˚+. From my bf Beau

Watching: True Romance
Listening to: The Shape of Punk to Come
Reading: East of Eden
Eating: Coffee
Drinking: Green drink
Fucking: No one
Missing: RJ
Feeling: Hopeful

- - -

Dog shot with a crossbow.

Lady Gaga doing that lipstick-outside-the-lip-designated-area thing that I don't like.

Bjork's new video for "Chrystalline" by Michel Gondry.

Eat less meat?

Alexander McQueen left $25 million of his estate to charity.

Rachel being pretty.

Morrissey says Norway massacre is nothing compared to actions of fast food chains.

Dan Santoro Tattoo Age parts 1-3.

- - -