Long weekend

July 01, 2011

Stoked on my hair lately. Sorry no makeup

Just because you met me in Baltimore doesn't mean I'm "from Baltimore". I went to school there and that is all. The next time someone introduces me as, "This is my friend Tammy from Baltimore," I might throw a very public fit.

- - -

Billy the Kid's (only) portrait goes for $2.3 million.

The tackiest party set-up.

Unwanted babies in South Korea find a home.

Angie's Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign teaser.

Drunk dude can't get out of the bathroom stall. Finds a better way.

5 burger recipes to try this summer.

Get Jake's zine for $10. It's really good.

- - -

Beau and I have a little stay-cation planned this weekend in Soho. We will be poolside and drinking cocktails so please do not bother us. I'm hoping we'll have a killer view of the fireworks over the Hudson. The only thing missing is a good 4th of July barbeque, but I think I'm okay with it as long as I have my bed turned down at the end of the night.

Have a fun 4th of July!