Digital Age

July 19, 2011

Via Fashion Copious

This interview is so relevant. I don't necessarily agree with Dolce & Gabbana (the brand)'s strategy, but it's worth watching, or just listening to while you surf elsewhere.

Stefano feels that he wants to break the barrier between fashion show, fashion execs (the ones that go to the shows), and us (commoners). His dream is to open his shows to us (commoners) because that's who he owes the last 25 years to. I totally and completely, 100%, disagree with that. I was so thrilled when Tom Ford didn't allow press to his first womenswear collection last year and kept it minimal. I don't even think he let bloggers in. I like the idea that high fashion is exclusive. It's a club that you want to join, but can't because we're just us (commoners).

Domenico doesn't even own a computer and is completely technology stupid, but that's so endearing. He talks about his necessity for the physicality of things. Seeing shows on the computer is too flat. There's no smell, no feel, no air. He emphasizes the importance of connecting to this (fashion shit) with his hands and touching things. The best part is when Domenico Dolce talks about how the language is different now between him and the younger generation. Everything seems to be shorter, quicker, abbreviated, easier, simplified.

It's weird, because I should blame my favorite brand for being the first to bring in bloggers to high fashion when they let Bryanboy, Tommy Ton, Garance, and Scott Schuman sit in their front row in 2009.

I think it's because I'm an old-fashioned girl that I care about things this way. I romanticize things and try hard to hold onto tradition, because I feel like it's slipping away too fast.