Everyday I come across something that makes me miss home

July 19, 2011

This is Title Fight at Chain a couple months ago. I've been going here for 10 years, although I think I can count how many shows I've been to at Chain in the last 4 years on one hand. I'm definitely lucky enough to have this place be my home venue, as it's such a crucial place for bands all over the country. I don't think there's a single band that hasn't played there that's toured through Orange County.

One time, a few years ago, I went to see a band (I can't recall who) and I remember it being a relatively young crowd. Nick and I were sitting outside and by this time, I wasn't "looking a certain way". I was in a black dress, black heels, my huge hair down and wavy. A younger girl next to me (who was not over "looking a certain way") turns to me and says, "I bet you feel out of place here". I nearly lost my shit. But I didn't because I'm older, wiser. Ha. Nick just laughed since he totally understood what was going on.

Since I've been out east for 4+ years, it's weird seeing eastcoast-local bands playing at my home. I see a video like this and it makes me feel like I'd rather be there, at 15, with petty drama in my midst. And not in the way that people want to be young forever, but in a hopeless longing kind of way.