July 08, 2011

I have this problem where, after a few drinks, I start speaking in Spanish. It's been happening more and more lately, but I'm not talking to random people in Spanish.. I'm talking to Hispanics in Spanish. Whether it be at the pizza spot or accidentally flirting with the barback at a nice hotel bar.. it just happens. I don't know if I'm stoked on it or not. People think it's amusing, but isn't it kind of offensive? I don't know.

Sunday is my new favorite day to go out. We don't go out on Sundays because we work the next day, but with this past holiday and all, it was time to play. Beau and I went to a hotel bar that he's been wanting to take me to, which was so good. It's a place I'd like to frequent, but after refusing to give my number to the barback and being heartbroken by a happy face, I might have to wait on that second visit. We met a group of young lawyer-types, one of which is working in our building. I made friendly with a boy named Blaze (his birth name and gay but is sketch about it) and brought him and his posse out with us. We went dancing.

Note: Any time I mention dancing, I will always mean gay dancing.

I can't even remember the last time I had so much fun. This place was packed full of boys and I ended up on some structure, dancing whilst being groped by a gay boy. The best part was that I could dance my night away and not worry about some creepy dude trying to get up on me. Yeah, there was groping, but it wasn't sexual. It was just funny.

I ended up outside after trying to follow Beau through the maze of the place and found myself talking to a girl. She asked me to come with her and her friends to a place called The Cubbie Hole. Hm. I didn't go there.