Scrubbin' Bubbles

December 07, 2010

For my peace of mind, I've been taking baths a couple times a week. At first, I was just hopping into a tub of hot water. Then, I discovered Johnson's Bedtime Bath. Taking baths is such a treat and just adding a few candles and some bubbles (the smell alone makes you feel like a baby again) makes you feel like a princess. Yeah, guys, make fun of me but even The Dude takes baths (without the bubbles) because his muscles get sore!

Want to up the ante? After getting out of my bath (and only after bathing) I use this:

Oh. My. Dog. The cream is this outrageous cad yellow and the smell.. gahh.. $42 a jar is a bit pricey, but worth it, I promise. Instantly, I feel like a Romanov. I don't know if the Bedtime Bath actually helps me sleep, but after dipping into hot water and rubbing Imperial Body Balm all over me, I am already counting sheep.