Ursher Baby

December 09, 2010

Usher came into the shop yesterday.

First, his assistant/manager came in, looking around making sure this was the right spot. "I have a client that I'm shopping for.. (5 minutes later). I'll be right back."

Usher walks in with another assistant/manager-type girl and a huge security guy. HUGE. They look around, pick up some things, try on some things.. I tell them what's up, what's what.. etc. He comes up to the counter. We're face to face, two feet away from each other. He asks me if there are any other places like this around here, I give him a name and tell him it's not like this though. He says okay cool. I notice his haircut (it has grown out a but, but shaved on the sides) and I also notice how small he is. Why does he look so big in The TV?

Chris Kelley happened to be there and called Oliver (who is in Japan) and told him Usher was in-store. "Give him something.." "Take a picture.." No thank you. I'm not trynta bug him with stuff he's clearly not into or make him feel like Usher. He's Usher every day all day, wherever he goes, wherever he eats.. I'm just trynta be real.

So, I love Usher. I've listened to him since I was 10, singing "I've got plans to put my hands in places I've never seen, girl you know what I mean" before I even knew what he meant. I've mentioned him before and how sexy he is. It took all my might not to jump on him and hump him or something. I considered telling him I loved him.. but I still kept it cool. I told Chris that Usher was in my top 5, and that I've seen 2/5 of those guys in real life. Chris claims it was an answer from the universe, telling me to make a move.

And then what? Usher and I are going to live happily ever after?!

How can I love Usher and love the Gorilla Biscuits at the same time? Isn't that weird? or go against some law of physics? I've always been so stoked on everything he does. That new "DJ got us falling in love again" jam is so perfect and anthemic. Not to mention everything from the late-90s. Even in between when he was with Chilli.

Holy moly though man. His voice.. I melted.