'Tis the Season

December 06, 2010

The day after Thanksgiving, I went out and bought a small tree for me and my apartment. I've never had a tree in Baltimore because I always go home for Christmas, but because my parents and my brother are coming out here in a few weeks, I wanted to make sure to keep the Christmas spirit going for them while they're 3,000 miles away from home. Besides, how can I not have a tree and relish in the whole decorating process?

After some serious stalking on the internet, I found some cute decorations at Crate & Barrel. I got these amazing mini gold beaded pine cones for next to nothing, a gold garland and a glittery gold ribbon-star to top the tree. I can appreciate cutesy, Christmasy decorations, but it doesn't really suite my style. Gold, neutrals, blacks & whites, clean, simple and chic. That's more me.