Hit & Run

December 27, 2010

Christmas night, driving back home with my parents and brother from a relatives home. We witnessed a hit-and-run right in front of us. A black Pathfinder (maybe) and a white Expedition. The Expedition was about to switch lanes when the Pathfinder slowed down, causing the Expedition to clip the back right corner of his car pretty bad. The Pathfinder slowed down and pulled over and the Expedition kept going.

We all saw what happened and continued driving down the freeway. The Expedition was running but wasn't going very fast, so we kept up with him (as did another car) and got his plate number. It's Christmas, that's a sucky situation, so we (I) called it in.

We got home and highway patrol calls back and asks what happened. I tell him everything and at the end of the conversation asks for my name and address. I gladly help out because it seemed like a good-samaritan kind of move. My mom and dad were listening on the conversation and suggested that next time, I keep myself anonymous to the situation.

Dad: "What if the guy in the Expedition is some crazy guy and comes after you?"
Me and Mikey: "Really dad? Unless he's some crazy computer hacker or knows someone on the inside, how is he going to get my information?"
Dad: "I mean.. you never know what kind of information they give out.."

And now I'm paranoid. Why did they need my address? Why was the highway patrol number blocked?


No really though.. I'm kind of wigged out about it.