More Grad Weekend

December 22, 2010

I'd rather be in California dude

Sunday was game day. I have never been so cold in my life. I made this sign as a joke and hoped it'd be in TV, but it ended up being too cold to hold it up and by the half, I was too involved in the game to even think about the sign.

The Saints were in Baltimore and it has been a dream of my dad's to go to a game in the cold. If anyone watched the game, it was seriously soo good. I'm not a huge Ravens fan (because I love certain players) but it I was rooting for my dad ($$$) who was going with the Ravens. When Ray Lewis came out of the tunnel.. oh man. I got chills. He had war paint on and did a growl that could be heard from miles away.

It was fun yelling and screaming and hugging strangers and giving 5's. I lost my voice and it's still going in and out. I forget how much I love football. Being in Baltimore for four years, I lost touch with the game.. mostly because for a while I didn't have a TV and when I did get one, watching Sunday games by myself wasn't fun. I've been keeping up with scores but not knowing where players are or what's going on is weird. And it's strange having a boyfriend who doesn't care at all about the game because every guy I dated in high school (except Tres) either played or watched religiously.

I think this game had me falling in love again.