December 13, 2010

I've never been one for many accessories. I have pearls and a few pairs of vintage earrings for special occasions, two gold necklaces from my mom, two rings (one of which I can't wear because it's too big), a gold/brown leather watch, and some bangles that were gifted. Chunky rings on 2+ fingers and long necklaces have never been a trend I can get into. Some days, I don't go out with any jewelry at all. My mom can't leave the house without earrings. Even if she spends the whole day at home in her PJs, she still puts on earrings.

Maybe it's because my accessories have always been bags and sunglasses (and shoes). Ever since I was in junior high I loved sunglasses and would spend my lunch money on $120 glasses. But rings and bracelets make me uncomfortable. Again, it's probably because I like things clean and simple.. but I don't think accessories necessarily mean clutter. I don't know, I just wish I could have this expanding collection of rings and earrings and necklaces and bracelets and watches and dooda's and tumtum's.. but it's just not pleasing to me.