December 28, 2010

Natalie and I drove up to Mammoth on Tuesday and spent a couple of nights with Mosier and Mash who are spending a few months in the mountains. The drive up was a winter wonderland. There was 15+ feet of snowfall that weekend so everything was white. It was a nice mini-road trip with the best friend and we dominated the side of the road in figuring out how to put chains on my tires.

The few days were a blast. We went out at night and spent the day lounging around, reading, watching River Monsters and playing in the fresh snow. Michael and Brodie made a tunnel in the 5-foot forest of snow in front of the condo. We made a delicious steak dinner (a great group effort, by the way) and played hard. I brought a bottle of Dom Perignon and we popped that baby open Wednesday night at 3am after a night out. Kind of silly, being that we were all already pretty drunk and Dom after a nights fun seemed sort of a waste, but I guess that's how we do it. Advice to anyone and everyone: Hot tub at 3am in 20˚ while it's snowing is never a good idea.