The Graduate

December 20, 2010

My mom, always on her iPhin, my dad looking so slick. He has a scarf draped around his neck~

Going to art school, wearing a cap and gown was "optional". Everyone wore the outfit except me and a couple other people, who happened to be painting majors also. What is it with painters? I thought my outfit was cuter than the gown anyhow. The ceremony was great. Short, sweet, and very small. Our speaker was Reggie Wells, who is Oprah's makeup artist and "makeup artist to the stars", so he says. You know, Shakira, Beyonce, Michelle Obama.. etc. He's a MICA alumnus and HILARIOUS. It was really refreshing and quite a surprise to have him speak.

For the celebration dinner, we went to Woodberry Kitchen, where my mom, Kiki and I shared a bottle of wine, my brother had the most amazing Arnold Palmer, The Dude had a de-licious root beer, and my dad had a bunch of tequila and beer. The meal was fabulous and although the check ended up costing more than my college tuition (so it seemed) it was well worth it. Pickles, onion dip, fairytale pumpkin spag, rock fish, chicken, borscht, and a $75 rib-eye. For dessert, poached Bosc pear with gingerbread for my parents, sweet potato pie a la mode for Kiki and me, and The C.M.P. for Mikey and The Dude.

I am a college graduate. What's next?